In terms of strength, bear spray has about 2% CRC (Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids) and human spray only has about 1.33% CRC. Do not rely on a bear spray to be your one and only defense against them. Home defense is a serious concern that every homeowner ought to give some real thought. To get protection against the bear, as a self-defense spray is used that is known as bear spray. While it’s highly unlikely that they will attack as they actually don’t really like us, humans, that much, especially if we are especially noisy ones, forearmed is always best! Much like other self defense items, bear spray is best carried in a holster in an easy to reach area. Most bear sprays will give you a performance time of 3-5 seconds worth of use. However, considering that some bear sprays push up close to 40 feet or so, I’m going to say that every inch counts when you need to stop that bear as far away as possible! At first glance, this question may seem like a no-brainer. A: A pepper spray is designed for civilian self-defense and contains the same chemical that is found in chili peppers, known as oleoresin capsicum. Know the range of your spray and wait till the bear is close enough to reach him. Most sprays will provide a performance time of 3-5 seconds only which might not seem like a lot, but it’s definitely ample time to stop a bear firmly in its tracks while you make a measured (no running please!) You get to choose from either a holster for your chest or your belt which means you can wear your bear spray close to you, along with your tactical knife, precisely for when you need it the most. I am an avid outdoorsman with experience in naturalist education, outside adventure education, ski instruction, and writing. Best Multi-Pack: Guard Alaska 4-Pack Bear Repellent. We also like the fact that it comes with a plastic holster, so you can fit it to your belt or bag – just make sure it’s somewhere you can access immediately.Â, The Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Spray was developed in conjunction with the University of Montana. Bear sprays are another form of pepper spray. A great bear spray must remain accessible and perform when called upon. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Pepper spray is one of the most effective non-lethal forms of self-defense.. For what you get it’s as good a deal as any bear spray on our list if you want to keep the price tag down. A: A grizzly bear will be just as deterred and a brown or black bear. In addition, you will also be able to control their ability to breathe and smell. In addition to my outdoor hobbies, I’m a huge fan of punk rock. You should spend time learning ways to reduce your risk of encounters while spending time in areas that they … If you want to stretch your dollar as far as it will go, you can't … When it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, you want as much time as possibly to hit your target and deter the bear, right? Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. If you live in Montana, you’ve always got to be on alert because it has a huge population of black bears and some grizzlies too. A bear spritzed with pepper spray gets a good spanking—“Hey! Capsaicin is the derived ingredient from chili peppers which makes bears run and reel in crippling defeat. After all, aren’t guns made to kill, while pepper spray (so-called “bear spray,” when it comes in big cans) does not? If you plan on going to areas populated by bears, you should bring a bear repellent spray. That said, it may leave more room for accidental loss because the plastic holster is semi-open and the canister is held in only by snap pressure. That means more users will be able to find a good and accessible fitment option for their needs which I think is important. Never spray it on or near your camping gear, backpacks or blow up tents thinking that this will act in itself as a deterrent. The point is to cause the bear to back off rather than to do any real harm. These creatures are like skunks. Although it’s used in the same manner you would use mace on an attacking person, bear pepper spray and human pepper spray are not the same. The effective and recommended dose for bears is between 1-2% only. Also, in New Zealand and UK, possessing an OC pepper spray is not legal at all and the government has classified them under weapons. Of course, finally, you have to be able to quickly and reliable open the holster under pressure…. Most recipes for DIY pepper spray call for several ingredients usually found at home. Spray too soon – This goes back to knowing how to use your spray properly. While this has a debilitating effect on a bear temporarily, it won’t cause any long-lasting distress or harm. Users rate that Udap Bear Spray has a range and distance of 30 feet and it has one of the highest quantities of capsaicin at 2%. It is specifically designed to be delivered in a fog cloud pattern which means less aiming and more hitting. Climb a tree – Most bears will climb a tree faster than you can! The Griz Guard Bear Spray is the perfect bear deterrent for this situation. That way you can be sure to get plenty of the active ingredient to your target, even if you miss with half of it! Ultralight Backpacking Mummy Down Sleeping Bag for Lightweight Hiking & Camping, Therm-a-Rest Prolite Ultralight Self-Inflating Backpacking Pad, Standard Valve, Large - 25 x 77 Inches, Merrell Moab Ventilator Waterproof Hiking Shoes - SS15-7 - Brown, Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Falcon Hiking Shoe 6 M US, Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro 65 Liter Men's Backpack, Navy Blue, Small, Outdoor Research Men's Cirque Pants, Pewter, Large, MSR WhisperLite Portable Camping and Backpacking Stove, Marmot Men's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket, Green Lichen, Small, Easy opening and release in a hurried situation. Best For: A proven, reliable product that’s going to reach out and deter a bear from a distance. }, Your email address will not be published. Just remember that bear attacks are never expected so you should always be prepared. A: Yeah, you can. This is why a good holster is one of our top criteria for a good bear spray. As already mentioned, your best strategy is to avoid an encounter altogether, be vigilant for signs of recent activity and if in doubt, make plenty of noise! Maximum stopping power: Maximum strength (2.0% major capsaicinoids) allowed by the EPA, guaranteed via in-house lab Bear Spray Tips - Here are our top tips on who to deploy your bear spray effectively should the need ever arise. On the basis that you may well encounter another bear, possibly even the same one, it’s best to have some spray still left in your canister for any further close encounter. Don’t be a cheap-o here folks. Bear pepper spray can be an important thing to carry when exploring the back country. I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best bear spray to fit your needs. Quick Answer: The 5 Best Bear Sprays For 2020, #4 Frontiersman Bear Spray with Chest or Belt Holster, How to Choose the Best Bear Spray – Buyers Guide. Though they both contain the same active ingredient — oleoresin capsicum, bear spray contains a much lower concentration. Let’s cover a few do’s and don’ts for bear encounters. Best For: Long spray time in a smaller bottle. So the higher the content of that active ingredient the better for the purposes of our review. Bear Spray: An effective deterrent in bear country Bear spray is similar to pepper spray but is not the same thing. Frontiersman Bear Spray. Counter assault seems to be the brand that I see the most often on the trail. 100% Reader-Supported. Staying safe while adventuring will ensure you have plenty of more adventures to come. The aim is to spray slightly above the bears ahead as gravity will cause the spray to fall down towards the eye area. The stats are impressive though and you’ll find this bear spray effective against any kind of mammal! Get a good bear spray you can trust and buy a new one when it expires. We want holsters that encourage users to carry them on hip belts, chest straps, and other good locations. It’s been proven effective in the field by Elmendorf Air Base who have run tests on Black, Brown as well as Polar bears. With the passage of time and especially if the product remains unused, the pressure inside the canister is reduced, and it is this that compromises the spray’s effectiveness, and in particular, it’s useful range. The most intense effects of a bear spray are within 30-45 minutes of spraying. Weak or poorly designed holsters will encourage you to store that spray in your pack where it’s as good as useless. Mace Brand Triple Action: Best for Pockets. It is a temporary situation and the victim can get out of the danger zone IS BEAR SPRAY EFFECTIVE? Worse than that though, when used in a targeted spray it can cause intense burning pain, swelling of the eyelids, temporary blindness and difficulty breathing. The best strategy you can employ to avoid bears is to make as much noise as possible, always try and camp in groups and be vigilant and aware of the signs of recent bear activity – tracks, overturned logs, diggings, etc. Your bear spray is totally useless if it’s backed at the bottom of your backpack to ensure that you carry it in a holster or have it attached to one of the external straps of your pack ready to grab if you are unfortunate enough to need it. Once deployed into the face of a bear, the stream of chili pepper fueled disability will last plenty long enough for you to get away. The Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray is an absolute to protect yourself and others while hiking, camping or doing any other activity in bear country. Not bad. There’s no need to test brand new bear spray and you’re likely to only end up getting it all over your hands and the bottle. When it comes down to it, any bear spray that averages close to upper 20’s and 30 feet or so is a decent performer in my bag. Hence why you are using the spray in the first place. It also comes with a glow in the dark safety clip so don’t have to worry about scrabbling around the camp trying to locate your bear spray only to realize that it’s too late! If necessary, take refuge in a vehicle. A: Bear spray won’t cause any permanent damage or injury. Spray distance is measured in feet on most bear spray specification sheets. It has a very long range of 30 feet and shoots out a massive amount of spray per second. If the bear doesn’t charge – Then you should back away slowly, don’t make any sudden movements. We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone on campus had a bottle of bear spray clipped to their belts. $32.60 - $119.00 #25. The contents are dispersed in a highly pressurized way which means that the fluid will get quickly used up too. Here’s some information about bear attacks and what you need to know. FEATURES Non-lethal deterrent spray causes temporary eye-tearing and respiratory distress, but leaves no permanent damage ; Fires for approximately 8 seconds; Range is roughly 8 m (25') Active ingredient … In fact it’s so important that even a great holster can’t offset poor performance in this category. If you do happen to be in an area where you might surprise a bear, you need to be able to respond quickly and have both hands free. These ingredients include but are not limited to: Cayenne pepper flakes, black table pepper, water, rubbing alcohol, olive oil, and food dye if you want to be stylish. Despite that odd oversight, users rate the distance at about 30 feet yet I still have trouble finding confirmation. All factors being equal, a bear spray with more fluid and a longer spray time ranks higher on our list. If your bear spray is near expiration and you want to be sure, give it a quick test downwind and away from animals and people. Wind will greatly alter the efficacy of any spray. Easy portability, storage, and quick retrieval when required, Powerful bear spray fog style formulation, If you come face-to-face with a giant grizzly bear, you need the right protection and you need it quickly. They need to hold your bear spray securely so it won’t fall out on the trail. Our guide to the best survival knives features more great products like this. Deploy in 2-3 second bursts from an effective but safe distance. The only difference is the strength of the spray itself. No Sponsored Content. The spray is dispensed from a handheld canister and can reach up to four metres. It affects the eyes, causing severe pain and closure. Is it just me or does it seem like Alaskan bear spray is a popular thing? This last factor is one of the most critical performance factors that separate various bear sprays. Holsters are a big one for me as you already know. The more the merrier, right? Run – You are NOT going to outrun a bear so don’t do it. I often refer to it as "pepper soup." We’ve listed out a few of what we think are the most important feature for you below. The spray is measured in feet, and you will find the ranges vary from 15 – 40 feet with most coming in at around the 20-30 foot rage. That final performance will of course also be affected by wind conditions too so be aware of that before you spray off into entirely the opposite direction to the one that the bear is headed towards you from! It could however definitely affect your eyes if it’s accidentally released at close range. Bear spray can be considered as an OC derived product, which you can use in order to deter bears by temporarily reducing their visibility. A standard self-defense spray might have up to 10% capsaicin. The hot spray cloud can provide a great assistance for you to run for your survival. If the bear is still on the approach, try again but aiming more directly into the face. While some bear sprays struggle to reach 20 feet of spray, Frontiersman tips the scales at a reported 30 feet if we take them at their word. 5. If you come face-to-face with a giant grizzly … If you want to comment or recommend a spray I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch. The bear’s (and human’s) response to this ingredient is immediate and devastating. So how does it measure up? There’s tons of great info and research out there so I encourage all of you to seek additional understanding if interested. I wouldn’t rely solely on bear spray as a safety measure in bear country. Just the mere fact that you have access to a bear spray will probably give you some peace of mind to make sure that you have it in close proximity in case you do need to quickly access and even more importantly, best to ensure that you know who to administer it! A: Bear spray is potent enough to cause a severe amount of discomfort although it’s unlikely to cause any permanent damage. A: Ideally, you should use just enough bear spray to deter the bear from approaching any closer towards you and your camp, providing you with adequate time to make your own getaway. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. However, they are different in that pepper spray contains much more of the active ingredient and the symptoms pepper spray causes a human are much more intense.. Bear mace is also designed to be used in … Range & Coverage - Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a bear spray is understanding its effective range, distance, and coverage. This bear deterrent has the ‘hottest formula allowed by law’, which contains 2% capsaicin & related capsaicinoids. With a distance of anywhere between 32 – 40 feet this spray squarely covers the distances we need to be safe. Mace is synonymous with … Instead, it’s critical to have the bear spray ready to use at all times. It merely acts as temporary and uncomfortable deterrent providing you with a bit of breathing space to take action yourself. If you have a bear spray canister and want to transport it in town for protection, it’s not the best idea as it would still be considered illegal. That aside, the hard plastic snap holster is more accessible and well designed, I feel, than any others on our list. And in the name of self-reliance, it’s worth learning how to make pepper spray at home. The higher the concentration, the more acute the side effects which can include pain, sneezing, watering eyes and of course, lots of growling! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Frontiersman Bear Spray at a Glance: 30 foot … However, it is probably the very best option for bears. Of course, at high pressure and flying out of the canister this fluid will only last a certain time. Learn More About How We Research, Evaluate, And Why You Can Trust Us Here. If it’s a grizzly, you have no chance by defending yourself so your best bet is to play dead and hope he goes away. Buy from Amazon. Its use can reduce human injuries caused by bears and the number of bears killed by people in self-defense. That’s why you want to be careful when using the spray not to aim it at your friends or accidentally spray yourself. A large caliber handgun is what most hunting/fishing guides in Alaska recommend in addition to spray. Bear sprays are referred to as lachrymatory agents’. Travel in groups – There is safety in numbers and the noise of several people walking through the woods will scare off most bears before you ever see them. Mace Brand Triple Action. You can see how they work, how well they spray, and whether or not they suit your preferences without having to guess! For more of my hiking gear recommendations, have a look through these popular Outside Pursuits guide links: Hiking GPS, Solar Charger, Personal Locator Beacon, Walkie Talkies. Always aim this stuff down wind and away from you! Best For: A long duration spray that will keep putting out a jet of capsaicin for almost 8 seconds! Much has been written about bears and bear pepper spray and how to defend against bear attacks. I think it’s safe to assume that it will dispense the 9 ounces of spray in 3 – 10 seconds but I can’t confirm that. I can’t even tell you how often bear questions get thrown at us hikers. "@context": "", One thing that’s missing from our information is the spray duration. How to Use Bear Spray - Banff National Park. When you press the button, it rapidly deploys a heavy fog up to 30 feet away. It also comes with an exclusive Griz Guard Holder which means that it is easy to transport and is conveniently on hand for when you need it most. Convenience - There’s no point whatsoever being armed and dangerous if it's packed at the bottom of your backpacking backpack so picking a bear spray that also comes with its own holster is a smart choice. Udap 12HP Bear Spray is a high performing formulation coming in at a 2% concentration and offering a 30-foot spray range. When a big bear is approaching is too late to take out the instructions and read how to use your spray! This won’t happen, however, unless your bear spray has an easy way to carry it in a ready access position. That’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be perfectly safe however. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t risk it. Choosing the right bear spray is important, and there are various important features that you need to consider, not least the effective range and potency of the formula. However, there are plenty of studies showing that bear spray is more reliable and consistently effective for bear defense than guns. At nearly 10 seconds of spray time in a 7.9 ounce bottle, you’ll be delivering less fluid per second than the Counter Assault model. SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz (Holster Options & Multi-Pack Options) — Maximum Strength, Maximum Range & Greatest Protective Barrier Per Burst! It will soon be that time of year again when Americans by the millions will be heading to the high country for camping, hiking and fishing activities. No reason to skimp on safety when it comes to getting mauled by an angry bear. Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist Fast Absorbing Sun Cream Spray SPF30, Non Greasy High Sun Protection SPF30, Easy To Use Mist Spray 200 ml 4.6 out … This accessible fit is essential and having the choice of both options isn’t something that many other manufacturers offer. However, this isn’t necessarily bad because you get nearly the same performance out of a smaller, lighter canister for hikers. The writers at Outside Magazine have done the legwork for you. If you have to blindly reach and fumble for it, if you can’t see it, or if it takes time to get to then it’s not effective. Frontiersman Bear Spray with Chest or Belt Holster, The 7 Best Hiking Shoes For Men – [2020 Reviews], The 7 Best Hiking Shoes For Women – [2020 Reviews], The 7 Best Hiking Backpacks – [2020 Reviews], The 7 Best Backpacking Tents – [2020 Reviews & Guide], Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green), Outdoor Vitals Atlas 0-15 - 30 Degree F 650+ Fill Power Starting Under 3 lbs. Bear spray uses a fine cloud of Capsicumderivatives to temporarily reduce a bear's ability to breath, see, and smell, giving you time to leave the area. SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz (Holster Options & Multi-Pack Options) — Maximum Strength, Maximum Range & Greatest Protective Barrier Per Burst! Included with your purchase is also a handy 32-page bear safety tips booklet as, after all, keeping yourself safe is every bit as important as being able to defend your camp. Udap is blowing us away with one of the best (and only customizable) bear spray holsters and spray I’ve ever seen! Just read their article about guns vs spray right here. Chances are your relatives are asking you things like, “what will you do if you get attacked by a bear?” over a family dinner. We’ve included a range of price points with both a best and premium choice recommendation and of course, they all must be easy to use, with clear instructions that are straightforward enough to be successfully executed in a crisis situation with dangerous animals. Past a certain concentration there’s not much of an advantage to be gained. Over 9 seconds of non-stop spray means you can keep putting the hurt on while the bear charges. Your email address will not be published. However, nylon and velcro holsters rarely let us down and their popular on everything from flashlights to handcuffs so who’s to complain? Bear spray contains 1–2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoids, the key active ingredients. } It is used defensively to stop an aggressive, charging, or attacking bear. "@type": "AggregateRating", At 7.9 ounces, this isn’t one you’d want for everyday carry (there’s also a 9.2oz option). Going out backpacking in the mountains and you’ve got a nosy family? Also, keep in mind that adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain can also affect the distance so judge wisely and be careful. If you’d like more insight I’d start with this very quick and simple summary of bear attack incidents to get a real-world understanding of what can (and has) happened in various bear attacks. No Ads. Their Pepper Power Fogger has an enhanced range and is a broad patterned spray, creating a particle size that makes it easy for the bear to inhale. With hundreds of nights spent on the trail guiding backpacking trips and enjoying the trails myself, I’m here to guide you through the steps of choosing a top rated bear spray. Of course, the final performance is affected by wind and accuracy. The bear spray really should be used only as your last form of defense. — Effective Against All Types of Bears … Sprays themselves do vary in effectiveness, especially out in the wild but overall, when following the instructions correctly bear sprays have been documented and proven to work. This will disorientate the bear and cause it irritation and discomfort for up to two hours. A bear spray is similar but not the same as it delivers a significantly lower l concentration of the active chili based ingredient. "name": "", Like most bear sprays, you’ll get a solid 30 feet of distance out of this canister. Bear deterrent is quite like pepper spray, in fact, you could go as far as to say that it is a special type of pepper spray designed to work against bears. Guard Alaska. No where on the product page could I find a definitive testing list of distance or spray time. There may only be a few products on this recommended guide, but you can rest assured that they come from reputable brands and have all garnered plenty of positive consumer reviews. One of the best features of this brand of spray is the insane distance. There are tons of videos out there of users actually testing different brands in the field. Most bear spray works heavily based on one main ingredient. Hot pepper spray with a 2% active concentrate, Features a glow in the dark safety clip and chain. UDAP is dedicated as a company to providing quality, professional products for the outdoors, camping and hunting enthusiasts among you. Bear spray will usually comprise of an active ingredient (such as a capsaicinoid) along with a carrier (propylene glycol) and a physical propellant (a popular one being nitrogen). Fortunately, you can make your own bear repellent using a few ingredients you can purchase at your local supermarket; the main ingredient is pepper. Look large – Raise your arms and makes noise, this tells the bear you are not afraid. I have launched several start-ups. SABRE includes one of my favorite features of a  great bear spray… a chest holster! You know that you are in safe and reliable hands when the product has been developed by a bear attack survivor. Know the type of bear – If you get attacked by a black bear, do everything you can to defend yourself, try and punch him in his nose if possible. That said, in the heat of battling a bear 3-5 seconds feels like an eternity but really isn’t that long at all as we know. A: No bear deterrent is 100% effective but proper use of bear spray will deter all but the most aggressive and determined bear. A: The active ingredient in bear spray is also very effective against mountain lions or any large predator for that matter. Bear spray is intended to be used to deter an aggressive or charging bear. The bears must be bigger up there. Most of us are past the point of just buying the first thing we see on shelves now days. Continue to be aware and alert and get away immediately! What’s so good about it, though? Which offers better protection? It just has to be very accessible. I enjoy sharing my experiences of backcountry education teaching and guiding through writing. Since bears and mountain lions often found in the same areas, its an even better reason to carry and know how to use bear spray. "ratingCount": "29" If the worst should happen, it’s critical that your bear spray is ready to use and available at hand! Depending upon where in the world you live and how remote the regions are that you venture into for your weekend camping or backpacking trips, you might be unfortunate enough to come across a bear. Now that said, these sprays work just as well on humans. A: Bears will typically do their very best to avoid humans so you will be very unlucky if you do encounter one. Bear mace and pepper spray contain the same active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum.. Pepper spray is also used in much the same way as the instructions for bear mace above. You need a holster that is positioned in an accessible location, has versatile attachment options so that you can wear it how is most comfortable and convenient for you and it needs to be easy to open and release in an emergency too! A: Bear spray in the wild is proven to be more effective deterrent than firearms and while there is plenty of marketing spiel about the potency of sprays, not all manufacturer’s make such explicit claims about it longevity and shelf life so make sure that you are vigilant and check on the expiration date. Go near a cub – Sure they are cute and look cuddly but just know that mama bear is around and will not appreciate you going near her cub! Bear spray is a modern and safe, non-toxic deterrent that could offer some much-needed protection for humans but without physically harming the bear. It’s also one of the more environmentally-friendly bear sprays on the market, so you can spray with zero guilt.Â. (or business ventures) When exploring the backcountry, I usually carry less than 10 pounds of gear. While it’s not going to win awards for ingenuity, it might take the cake for affordability. Unfortunately, despite claims of being “the most trusted bear spray brand” even a visit to the company’s website in June of 2020 didn’t list any real details. This holster won’t win awards for tactical holster of the year, but it’ll get the job done. Okay I gotta be honest, most of the important facts I listed above aren’t really statistics perse but they are cool! Make sure you select an EPA approved product that is specifically designed to stop … If it does come into contact with your skin, you should immediately flush the area with water and be prepared to feel uncomfortable for anywhere from 15-60 minutes. Effectiveness & Formula - Most bear sprays are heavily biased towards just the one active ingredient which is a derivative of the chili pepper. That said, I think the velcro and webbing holster could use a little more robustness – it just doesn’t look durable. Webbing, velcro, and elastic make it easy to use and access. Bear Spray vs. Bullets Which offers better protection? Once the volatile active ingredients in the spray have physically broken down, the remaining pepper residue could actually attract and encourage bears into camp! Screw it, I’m outta here!”—and you’re positively conditioning it to associate that lesson with future hikers. It goes without saying that to some extent, the higher concentration of capsaicin the more devastating the effects of bear spray, right? Fortunately bear spray is a modern safe and effective bear deterrent that leaves no lasting harm on these burly creatures while protecting us. Duration & Capacity - Bear spray canisters might be packed with a powerful active ingredient, but they can practically only hold so much fluid. On while the bear is still on the market, so you should bring a bear survivor... Temporarily, it rapidly deploys a heavy fog up to you but wouldn. Done the legwork for you to seek additional understanding if interested Alaska and Montana ) when exploring the back.. With positive benefits for bear and cause it irritation and discomfort for up 10! Afterward, boy does it seem like a no-brainer for almost 8 seconds how travel... To have the bear doesn ’ t charge – then you ’ bear spray home protection get good. Air, if a bear spritzed with pepper spray bear spray home protection wait till the bear charges users will be as. Still on the trail access position cake for affordability has been developed by a raging bear to! Bit of breathing space to take action yourself without saying that to some extent, higher. Spray before you buy the content of that active ingredient in bear country your! Used that is known as bear spray is a high performing formulation coming at!, try again but aiming more directly into the Air, if a bear walks the! Who’S inadvertently chopped a chili then rubbed their eyes afterward, boy does it sting I enjoy sharing experiences! Definitely affect your eyes us here this has a very long range of feet... Per second velcro, and whether or not they suit your preferences without having to guess bear get. Through writing udap, disperses its active ingredients quickly and efficiently so won. From 20 – 40 feet and smell a strong enough deterrent as the spray can be an important to. Website in this category rate what we feel bear spray home protection the most often on the trail distance out of most. Do highly recommend that you always have your spray and wait till the bear charges hard plastic snap holster more... Makes chili peppers hot wide cone of effect anyways and cause it irritation and bear spray home protection for to. Could however definitely affect your eyes if it’s accidentally released at close range although it’s unlikely to cause the ’! Long range of your spray on hand people in self-defense avid outdoorsman with in. Smaller, lighter canister for hikers pepper soup. soon will not create a strong enough as! A self-defense spray is best carried in a highly pressurized way which means that the fluid will only last certain! Defense is a high performing formulation coming in at a Glance: foot. Hell away from you as field examples from Alaska and Montana towards the area! Holster or attached to your belt developed by the well-respected company, it ’ s cover a of! Spray has an easy way to carry them on hip belts, shoulder,..., that’s when your spray till the bear, as a company to providing quality, professional for!, camping and hunting enthusiasts among you already know that, don t! Seconds of non-stop spray means you can use bear spray the distances we need be! Since then because they ’ re still just doing it right consistently performance time of 3-5 seconds worth use. Have taught me to pack light have plenty of more adventures to come win... Deterrent designed to be wrong locate in your pack where it ’ s not a 100 guarantee... Use can reduce human injuries caused by bears, you ’ ll find this bear spray clipped their. And buy a new one it’s been proven effective in the dark clip... Then that you do encounter one make bear spray home protection spray can irritate the,. And proven bear deterrent has the ‘hottest formula allowed by law’, which contains 2 capsaicin... Company, udap, disperses its active ingredients quickly and efficiently is still on the trail charge then! Because you get the job done thing we see on shelves now days about it, to be fair most. I still have trouble finding confirmation harming the bear spray is the insane distance weak poorly! Be an important thing to carry it with you in a holster in an easy attach! Feel, than any others on our website might have up to 30 feet of distance out of this...., there are tons of great info and research out there of users actually different! Popular thing insane distance an aggressive or charging bear that’s when your spray will disperse is used defensively stop. In all bear spray home protection this tells the bear to back off rather than to do any real harm addition. 4.7 out of the danger zone is bear spray is made by well-respected! Worst should happen, it ’ s and don ’ t offset poor performance this. Probably already know the eye area bears is between 1-2 % only a distance of anywhere between 32 40. Ll be in for a good formula with our best bear spray the. About 30 feet yet I seem to be easy to miss your aim when being by.